ezjail ip conflicts

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Fri Mar 23 12:30:07 UTC 2007

I'm getting these ip conflicts whilst trying to create a jail

ezjail-admin create ....xxx.xxx.xxx.27

Warning: IP xxx.xxx.xxx.27 not configured on a local interface.
Warning: Some services already seem to be listening on all IP, (including 
   This may cause some confusion, here they are:
mysql    mysqld     505   10 tcp4   *:3306                *:*
root     syslogd    291   6  udp4   *:514                 *:*

my rc.conf has

ifconfig_fxp0="inet xxx.xxx.xxx.26  netmask"
inetd_flags="-wW -a xxx.xxx.xxx.26"

so I believe the xxx.xxx.xxx.27 address is OK, but I guess I need to make mysqld 
and syslogd listen only on xxx.xxx.xxx.26. I don't actually understand what's 
preventing sshd from listening on all the addresses in range unless it's the 
inetd flags, but I thought sshd is started by init nowadays.

Anyhow I think I can fix the mysqld problem by having


in the rc.conf, but I don't see any easy way to configure syslogd to start with 
a -b xxx.xxx.xxx.26

how do I fix this or perhaps I don't need to?
Robin Becker

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