Boot splash not displayed correctly on IBM Thinkpad

Christian Walther cptsalek at
Fri Mar 23 08:51:02 UTC 2007

Hi list,

this is a rather minor issue, but since I'm about to deploy
FreeBSD/DesktopBSD on some average users laptops, I'm interested in
getting this fixed:
The Splash Screen on IBM Thinkpads isn't displayed correctly. On a T23
it's totally distorted, a part of the image is displayed several times
on the upper quarter of the screen.
On a T60 the screen is displayed correctly, but the color map doesn't fit.

I tried using both BMP and PCX-Images with different resolutions and
color depths, and it's always the same result: As long as I'm using
something that requires the Vesa-Module the image isn't displayed
correctly, while small images (e.g. 320x200) work flawlessly.

Is there anything I can do to offer my users a windoze-like feeling
with a decent bloot splash screen?

And to be honest, I like obi_chuck.bmp and emily_black. ;-)


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