Tracking down memory leaks

Roger Olofsson raggen at
Wed Mar 21 20:38:03 UTC 2007

Hello Don,

I got the following tips when I asked the same question a while back:

"Consider something like the valgrind port or dlmalloc.

---Chuck "

I ran them and gdb and I'm still hunting that memory leak. In my case I 
first suspected threads (software) to be the cause however as the chase 
has gone further it's narrowing down to the playing of ogg files.

I might be biased though. In my opinion memory leaks are always caused 
by software.

Good luck!

Don O'Neil skrev:
> My setup seems to have a memory leak of some kind and I'm not sure how to
> track it down....
> When I first start up the system and all the processes start the machine has
>> 1GB in free memory... After running for 20-30 minutes the free memory drops
> to somewhere around 20MB... The longer it runs, the more it chews up free
> memory until it eventually kernel panics and then reboots and the process
> starts all over again.
> I originally thought the reboot was from bad RAM, so I swapped it out, but
> that didn't help. I ran a memory check and everything checks out ok.
> Any ideas where to look (Hardware? Bad CPU? Software?). Temperature is ok,
> lots of fans in the box and round cables so there is good air flow. I'm
> stumpted.
> Thanks!
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