Tracking down memory leaks

Don O'Neil lists at
Wed Mar 21 20:17:17 UTC 2007

My setup seems to have a memory leak of some kind and I'm not sure how to
track it down....

When I first start up the system and all the processes start the machine has
>1GB in free memory... After running for 20-30 minutes the free memory drops
to somewhere around 20MB... The longer it runs, the more it chews up free
memory until it eventually kernel panics and then reboots and the process
starts all over again.

I originally thought the reboot was from bad RAM, so I swapped it out, but
that didn't help. I ran a memory check and everything checks out ok.

Any ideas where to look (Hardware? Bad CPU? Software?). Temperature is ok,
lots of fans in the box and round cables so there is good air flow. I'm


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