Problem with X11 and S3 Savage video card

Lubomir Toshev lubomir_toshev at
Thu Mar 15 14:36:25 UTC 2007


I am trying to run X11 on a machine with FreeBSD 6.2 and S3 Savage
video card. The installation of X11 was successful. The initial test
is ok, everything seems to function normally. The problem occures when
I try to exit the test with Ctrl-Alt-Backspace. At that moment it
looks like an attempt is made to switch the video mode and the screen
remains black. After some time the monitor goes to power down mode as
if there is no video signal.

Please, give me a link to a possible solution.

Best regards,
 Lubomir Toshev                          mailto:lubomir_toshev at

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