Don't buy AMD products (was Re: Xorg and ATI card query.)

Oliver Fromme olli at
Wed Mar 14 17:16:18 UTC 2007

Vince <jhary at> wrote:
 > Sean Bryant wrote:
 > > Andrew Reilly wrote:
 > > > Does anyone know if there are *any* contemporary graphics cards
 > > > that have 3D acceleration supported by some flavour of
 > > > open-source  Doesn't have to be a super-fast 'leet gamer
 > > > system to be better than a non-accelerated frame buffer.
 > > > 
 > I never thought I'd actually recommend it but....
 > The Intel 82945GM  controller in my laptop has semi ok 3d acceleration.
 > I'm running the experimental xorg 7.2.r3 server with beryl and its
 > running quite nicely. output of glinfo below if anyones interested.
 > The performance doesnt compare to the nvidia drivers on my desktop at
 > home but it does its job, wouldnt want to game on it though.

Depends on the game.  I'm also quite satisfied with the
intel i915/i945 graphics.  If I had to buy a new laptop
right now, that would be my preference.

The 3D acceleration is fast enough to play OpenGL games
such as ports/games/crack-attack smoothly at full-screen

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