Don't buy AMD products (was Re: Xorg and ATI card query.)

Yann Golanski yann at
Wed Mar 14 16:03:41 UTC 2007

Quoth Sean Bryant on Wed, Mar 14, 2007 at 11:55:20 -0400
> Try the 'vesa' xorg driver. It may not be fancy or all that accelerated 
> but it works quite well. I have an nvidia card and cannot get it to work 
> for the life of me. the drive attached, but nothing happens after that. 
> It might be the fact that I have a PCI express card. But the vesa driver 
> is working just fine for me.

I tried to get a vesa working with a Radeon X1900 and the screen
resolution is rather poor.  I certainly cannot seem to get it at
1600x1200 which is what I am used to.  See my previous post if you think
you can improve on that.

I can live without fancy GL screen savers but having a tiny screen is
rather irritating.

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