problem building php5-pcre

Eric heli at
Mon Mar 12 17:52:59 UTC 2007

Robert Huff wrote:
> Christopher Hobbs writes:
>>  Anyone else have this particular error?  I can't seem to get
>>  php5-pcre to build.
> 	Built and installed just fine for me five minutes ago on 
> FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT #1: Mon Jan 22 16:56:10 EST 2007 i386 
> 					Robert Huff

does anyone know why, even tho pcre7 is installed, that when i install 
php5-pcre port my phpinfo shows this:

PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) Support 	enabled
PCRE Library Version 	3.9 02-Jan-2002

this is on BSD 6.1 with apache 2.

why the heck would it be doing this?  i did notice that my ldconfig -r 
was empty (no idea how), but i readded all the paths via ldconfig -m

Ive reinstalled apache, php, extensions, pcre, etc over and over (trying 
different things) to no avail.

Any ideas?


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