polling my FreeBSD compariots...

Roger Olofsson raggen at passagen.se
Mon Mar 12 13:40:55 UTC 2007

Hello Wojciech,

May I suggest that you redirect these questions to the Xming forum? The 
link to the forum is at -> http://sourceforge.net/projects/xming.

Wojciech Puchar skrev:
> the one i was looking for very long!
> as i don't have windoze anywhere close now could you tell me if:
> 1) this X server can use font server or Xorg format fontsets (.pcf.gz or 
> .pcf)
> 2) does it work with xdm on server (just for sure, as naturally it should)
> 3) what keybinding will be blocked because it's used by windows alone? 
> can it be used "fullscreen" with just one or two key combinations 
> reserved to minimizing/iconizing it's display in windows.
> i tried cygwin's X server (mostly doesn't work) some time ago. i tried 
> others, and only vnc works but it's not X server/client but bitmap 
> differentiation. and vnc X server wasn't able to accept -fp right. at 
> least when i tried. no polish fonts etc...

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