polling my FreeBSD compariots...

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at tensor.gdynia.pl
Mon Mar 12 13:13:16 UTC 2007

the one i was looking for very long!

as i don't have windoze anywhere close now could you tell me if:

1) this X server can use font server or Xorg format fontsets (.pcf.gz or 

2) does it work with xdm on server (just for sure, as naturally it should)

3) what keybinding will be blocked because it's used by windows alone? can 
it be used "fullscreen" with just one or two key combinations reserved to 
minimizing/iconizing it's display in windows.

i tried cygwin's X server (mostly doesn't work) some time ago. i tried 
others, and only vnc works but it's not X server/client but bitmap 
differentiation. and vnc X server wasn't able to accept -fp right. at 
least when i tried. no polish fonts etc...

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