polling my FreeBSD compariots...

Bill Moran wmoran at potentialtech.com
Sun Mar 11 18:14:58 UTC 2007

Jonathan Horne <freebsd at dfwlp.com> wrote:
> ive been a KDE user for as long as i can remember.  this week, im off from 
> work, and want to spend some time trying something new with my laptop.  so 
> far i have it built with 6.2-RELEASE-p2, and xorg up to the minimal desktop.
> id like to try to try something thats not gnome, or basically id like to try 
> some of the lesser known, but still just as functional desktops.
> can i get some recommendations, as well as what graphical mail reader and web 
> browser works best with your recommendation?

I've been using xfce4 for quite a while.  I like it because it's got
everything I need, and not a lot of extra junk to get in my way (I
find KDE and GNOME bloated)

I use Sylpheed for mail and Firefox for web.


Bill Moran

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