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On Mar 9, 2007, at 3:11 PM, Troy Schultz wrote:

> Hello,
> I am running FreeBSD 6.2.
> I am currently mounting a smb share and then remounting the smb mount
> into a jail with nullfs.
> /etc/fstab
> # smbfs mount
> //<user>@<servername>/<share>	/path/to/smb/mount	smbfs	rw	0	0
> # local mount
> /path/to/smb/mount	/path/to/jail/directory	nullfs	rw,late	0	0
> The main reason I am using this jail is for a webserver and I need  
> to have
> the web developer be able to write to this samba share
> I originally tried mounting in fstab the smb share like this
> //<user>@<servername>/<share>	/path/to/smb/mount	smbfs	rw,uid=www	0	0
> however, this did not work so I ended up making the share point  
> owned by the
> user and group www this took care of it but I was wondering if  
> there was a
> better way to do this as far as passing through to a jail and maybe  
> getting
> the uid to actually work from within the fstab file.
> Any suggestions would be welcomed.

I don't do this with smb but do do it with nfs.  I don't know about  
uid with smb but I just mount it on the base server inside the jails  
path.  Add the UID with no login capability to the base machine  
password file and then you can probably set uid in the base server as  


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