Mounting into a jail

Troy Schultz freebsd at
Fri Mar 9 22:10:55 UTC 2007


I am running FreeBSD 6.2.

I am currently mounting a smb share and then remounting the smb mount
into a jail with nullfs.

# smbfs mount
//<user>@<servername>/<share>	/path/to/smb/mount	smbfs	rw	0	0
# local mount
/path/to/smb/mount	/path/to/jail/directory	nullfs	rw,late	0	0

The main reason I am using this jail is for a webserver and I need to  
the web developer be able to write to this samba share

I originally tried mounting in fstab the smb share like this
//<user>@<servername>/<share>	/path/to/smb/mount	smbfs	rw,uid=www	0	0
however, this did not work so I ended up making the share point owned  
by the
user and group www this took care of it but I was wondering if there  
was a
better way to do this as far as passing through to a jail and maybe  
the uid to actually work from within the fstab file.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.



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