Problem Launching Applications in Gnome

Derek Ragona derek at
Thu Mar 8 13:04:58 UTC 2007

You might want to try rebuilding vim and all dependencies.


At 08:57 PM 3/7/2007, ruggeri at wrote:
>I haven't been able to figure this out, and am hoping someone
>has some ideas.  I can't seem to find any previous mention of
>a similar problem, so I hope I'm not missing something
>I run FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE.  I also have installed GNOME
>2.16.3.  I use Gnome-Terminal 2.16.1.
>The main application I run is Vim, which I run through Gnome-
>Terminal.  I frequently have several copies running
>simultaneously.  In general response to Gnome-Terminal
>commands is very fast, but sometimes when I try to open a
>file with Vim it takes up to 20-30 seconds to load.  The
>files are not particularly large (max 300 lines).
>During this time, if I try to launch another application in
>Gnome (e.g., Opera or another Gnome-Terminal), it will not
>come up.  It is as if everything is frozen until finally Vi
>loads and opens the file, at which point anything else I have
>tried to open works fine.
>While this loading takes place, I can work in any other open
>application normally.  Oftentimes I have another Vim session
>which I am editing in.
>I have of course looked at top when this problem occurs.  CPU
>usage is about 2%, and there is no significant memory usage
>I never experience this problem outside Gnome, whether I'm
>using screen or several virtual terminals.  It's really
>Anyway, I hope someone out there has some ideas.  Thanks very
>much in advance.
>-- Ned Ruggeri
>PS I'll include my ~/.vimrc file:
>set nocompatible
>syntax on
>set showmatch
>set number
>set backspace=2
>autocmd BufRead *.c set cindent
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