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Thu Mar 8 08:50:45 UTC 2007

On Wed, Mar 07, 2007 at 05:20:50PM +0100, Oliver Fromme wrote:
> That's pure speculation (and quite paranoid).  The daemon
> image is still visible on many web pages.
> In fact, no less pages than before the contest, and there
> is no indication that it might change.

However, you've dropped it in favor of the "sextoy" on the
FreeBSD 6.2 DVD case cover (Lehmanns/GUUG, Jan. 2007). So Ted's
speculation is not entirely without merit. Sure, it's not an
"official" DVD, but it does appear in bookstores and is often
the first encounter by newbies to FreeBSD :-(.

> Best regards
>    Oliver


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