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Thanks, Jerry.  I've got plenty of disk space and this is probably what I'll 
end up doing.  At the moment I'm following up on fusefs-ntfs port, and 
hoping that will work first.


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> On Mon, Mar 05, 2007 at 01:04:06PM -0800, Parker Brown wrote:
>> Using the FreeBSD booter to manage both Windoz XP and FreeBSD 6.1 on the
>> same SCSI drive.  Under FreeBSD I've got XP mounted, and I've been able 
>> to
>> examine the XP directories, but when I try to copy data or the contents 
>> of
>> directories from FreeBSD to XP (using    cp -R  ), nothing copies, and I
>> get error messages that say the TARGET files don't exist.
>> Is FreeBSD not capable of copying into NTFS?  Has anyone else had the 
>> same
>> problem?
> This was just discussed on the list late last week.
> Yes, FreeBSD can read, but (for the most part) does not write
> to NTFS at this point in time.   There are a couple of ports that
> claim to write to NTFS.  I haven't tried them.
> When I dual boot with MS-NTFS, I actually squeeze the NTFS slice down
> just a little further and make a couple or so GB slice in FAT32 that
> I can read and write from both FreeBSD and Microsloth.   That means I
> am using up 3 rather than 2 slices when dual booting that combination;
> NTFS, FAT32, FreeBSD.
> I don't know if work is being done to make standard FreeBSD write NTFS.
> Search the recent questions archive for the recent exchanges.
> ////jerry
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