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Depends on the host ... I've gone with two so far in Panama (Central America) 
where they are Windows/Linux shops, and the support I've had from both places 
were exemplary ... some of the staff picks it up very quickly, others you have 
to walk through a bit more, but in all cases, I've been most happy with the 
support I've received from a "non-FreeBS host" ...

Our newer servers now have built in remote consoles, so my need for someone to 
play with the OS itself has significantly drop'd, except for the older servers 
... for the newer ones, its mostly 'hardware related' ...

- --On Monday, March 05, 2007 10:21:03 -0500 Chris Slothouber <chris at> 

> Personally, I would never consider a vendor that does not at least have a
> cursory knowledge of the platform I was using on a leased server.  If they
> are miles away, I want someone with a clue to be my eyes an ears in the event
> of an emergency.
> I'd recommend going with a host who supports FreeBSD.
> Jeff Palmer wrote:
>> At 02:31 PM 3/2/2007, Alexandre Vieira wrote:
>>> Hello folks,
>>> I'm interested in a dedicated server plan from a somewhat big company
>>> called
>>> Amenworld ( but the sales technician is telling me that
>>> amen technicians can't install freebsd on the machines. After some
>>> googling
>>> I found that they are hosting some freebsd machines (if this counts for
>>> anything).
>>> Is there anyone here that by any change is a client on this company
>>> and runs
>>> freebsd?
>>> Thanks in advance
>>> Regards
>>> --
>>> Alexandre Vieira - nullpt at
>> Alexandre,
>> I know nothing about this company..  but just because a few boxes have
>> FreeBSD doesn't mean they necessarily support it.   It's possible to
>> change from linux to FreeBSD on remote machine using utilities like:
>> Hope that helps,
>> Jeff
>> P.S.  Be warned,  that utility re-images the disk,  and can leave the
>> machine in non-bootable state. Possibly forcing you to incur support
>> fees from the ISP/Datacenter.
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