slice/booting problem

J. W. Ballantine jwb at
Fri Mar 2 20:40:00 UTC 2007

I have a two disk system, and I'm trying to install FBSD6.2 on slice 2
of the second disk, a configuration that I've had working in the past.

I'm using the Standard installation, select the second disk (ad1)
and create a slice (ad1s2) and then create the partitions within
that slice.  On that disk, I install the FreeBSD Boot Manager (I have
a third party boot manager installed on ad0 that boots FreeBSD).

During the install, I ls /dev and find the ad1s2 partitions created.

After the install, when I try to re-boot, it fails when it trys to
mountroot.  When I enter ?, I get a listr of GEOM managed disks, but
the partitions are not listed, while the slice is. 

Any ideas on what I'm missing???


Jim Ballantine

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