updating multiple freebsd desktops

Adam J Richardson fatman.uk at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 21:34:27 UTC 2007

Bram Van Steenlandt wrote:
> Hi list,
> The company I work for is linux based, we work with our own app written 
> in wxPython.
> I am having a lot of trouble finding a suitable desktop OS, I've just 
> went with redhat but I think I am having second thoughts about it .
> Freebsd (wich we use for some servers) would be an option but:
> I find it really difficult to keep freebsd up to date in a desktop 
> situation, recompiling things like gnome can take a lot of time.
> So what I would really like is to make one machine the build/test 
> machine and keep this machine up to date with the ports and portmanager 
> or so.
> Can I then set up some kind of repo with the packages from this machine 
> and run something like "yum upgrade" on every desktop we have ?
> I know something like sharing (thus building it only once and installing 
> it on multiple pc's) /usr/ports could be done but it is still to much 
> work and I would like something that also works  over the internet.
> Ideas anyone ?
> kind regards
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Hi Bram,

You can use a build server and a staging server. I had it set up but 
unfortunately the hardware's lone hard disk recently snapped its 
spindle, so I can't help you out with settings. I think Michael Lucas 
wrote some articles on exactly that, though. Basically the idea is, the 
build server spends its time rebuilding everything and supplying it to 
the staging server, which is a repository for the latest builds.

Pretty cool huh?

Adam J Richardson

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