TMPFS, is it available on FreeBSD 6 or 7?

Craig Boston craig at
Tue Jul 31 19:14:20 UTC 2007

On Tue, Jul 31, 2007 at 02:42:04PM -0400, Sten Daniel Soersdal wrote:
> Is TMPFS available on FreeBSD 6 or 7?
> Or do i have to settle for mfs?

tmpfs is not available in 6, however it has recently been added to
-current (7) and will be part of the 7.0 release.  If you desperately
need it now, you'll have to partake of the adventure that is running
-current.  If you can wait a while, I'd recommend waiting for the
release, especially if this is a production server.

mfs sounds like it would definitely not work very well for your use
case.  Have you tried playing with filesystem options such as mounting a
disk-based /tmp async (with softupdates DISABLED) to see if it helps
any?  Won't be as fast as tmpfs, but with some tuning you might be able
to get it to acceptable levels in the interim.


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