TMPFS, is it available on FreeBSD 6 or 7?

Sten Daniel Soersdal netslists at
Tue Jul 31 18:42:16 UTC 2007

Is TMPFS available on FreeBSD 6 or 7?
Or do i have to settle for mfs?

[venting frustration]
The reason i ask is i need something very flexible when it comes to 
memory usage as a poor-mans shared-memory feature for a closed source 
data conversion app, used only occasionally but with *alot* of data 
passing through. By alot i mean it took our quad core xeon 3 ghz with 4 
gbyte memory and 4 SAS drives in 1+0 RAID, about a day and a half to 
process (on disk).
Simple tests (by others) using netbsd on a single cpu 3 ghz and tmpfs, 
it took roughly 70 minutes. Most of which was spent loading and 
unloading the data over the network.
I'd really like that memory back after use for other things as this 
server is also serving databases with files etc.

(PS. If anyone knows of some place in the world it is legally 
permissible to shoot a programmer for incompetence/excessive-tmp-usage, 
then please let me know, that's where are going on company vacation)

Sten Daniel Soersdal

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