XEN questions

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Sun Jul 29 23:00:47 UTC 2007

Adam J Richardson wrote:
> Michael Grant wrote:
>> Does XEN work with freebsd 6.x?
>> Does one run XEN inside of freebsd and then VMs inside that, or does
>> one run XEN on the bare hardware and then run freebsd inside that?  If
>> I've already got freebsd running on my box, do I have to reload it
>> from scratch or is there a way I can virtualize what I already have
>> runing?
>> Michael Grant
> Hi Michael,
> Afraid I don't have any experience of Xen, but I know Qemu works well 
> and I know for sure VMware has a cloning tool that does exactly what 
> you're after. Although after trying it once it occurred to me to 
> wonder why I'd want to run an identical copy of my laptop on my 
> laptop... :P
> If Xen doesn't have a cloning tool, perhaps you can use the VMware 
> cloning tool and tweak the clone to run under Xen? After all, VMware 
> can use Qemu disks and Virtual PC can use VMware disks, so it might work.
> HtH,
> Adam J Richardson

    No, Xen doesn't work with FreeBSD as the dom0 OS. There's work being 
done to port it to CURRENT (7), but I have some lingering doubts as to 
whether or not Xen could be MFC (Migrate from CURRENT)'ed.
    For questions about Xen, I suggest you consult the documentation up 
on the xen-source.org site and/or ask them.

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