XEN questions

Adam J Richardson fatman.uk at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 22:57:52 UTC 2007

Michael Grant wrote:
> Does XEN work with freebsd 6.x?
> Does one run XEN inside of freebsd and then VMs inside that, or does
> one run XEN on the bare hardware and then run freebsd inside that?  If
> I've already got freebsd running on my box, do I have to reload it
> from scratch or is there a way I can virtualize what I already have
> runing?
> Michael Grant

Hi Michael,

Afraid I don't have any experience of Xen, but I know Qemu works well 
and I know for sure VMware has a cloning tool that does exactly what 
you're after. Although after trying it once it occurred to me to wonder 
why I'd want to run an identical copy of my laptop on my laptop... :P

If Xen doesn't have a cloning tool, perhaps you can use the VMware 
cloning tool and tweak the clone to run under Xen? After all, VMware can 
use Qemu disks and Virtual PC can use VMware disks, so it might work.

Adam J Richardson

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