USB Mouse not Working

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Sat Jul 28 03:38:40 UTC 2007

Chris Maness wrote:
> Adam J Richardson wrote:
>> Chris Maness wrote:
>>> I am having issues getting my USB mouse running.  I don't get any 
>>> error messages of the sort, and when I do #cat /dev/ums0 I don't get 
>>> any funny garbage like I normally do out of a IO device. (That is 
>>> after I kill moused).
>>> Any suggestions?
>> I had this. I had to start some daemon before starting X... what was 
>> it now... devd? usbd? psmd? moused? Something like that, anyway. And 
>> I had to specify the "mouse port" IIRC. You know, something like 
>> "moused -p /dev/ums0".
>> Adam J Richardson
> I tried that, but I get nothing.  Should I expect to see garbage from 
> #cat /dev/sysmouse and then move the mouse around?  Can you do that in 
> console mode, and see if that gives you anything?
> Chris Maness

    moused(1) with usbd(1). Don't forget to compile uhid, ums, and all 
other dependent drivers into the kernel, either statically or as modules 
(man ums, uhid will get you on your way here).

    Try moused with auto detection, using /dev/ums0. If you don't see 
anything about a USB mouse being attached in dmesg, you don't have the 
right drivers compiled for your kernel. If you do, moused / usbd hasn't 
been setup yet.

    cat /dev/sysmouse will yield you the info you seek in the end, but 
you should try /dev/ums0 first, because that will work regardless of 
whether or not moused is started.

Good luck :),

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