usb driver for use with kmobiletools and nokia

Adam J Richardson at
Thu Jul 26 17:22:18 UTC 2007

Ronald Klop wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a Nokia phone which I want to manage by using kmobiletools.
> If I connect the phone with usb I can access MicroSD card of the phone 
> with umass, so the connection is ok. But if I choose the 'PC Suite' mode 
> on the phone the ugen driver is attached. The phone also show up in 
> usbdevs.
> I tried loading the umodem driver, but it doesn't attach. Kmobiletools 
> needs a tty to access the phone as a modem.
> Does anybody how to attach a phone by USB?
> Ronald.

Hi Ronald,

I don't know much about it, but perhaps my scraps of information would 
help. I've been investigating OpenSync and OpenOBEX. Both appear to be 
dead ends - obexftp has been removed from the ports tree and I hear the 
latest MultiSync doesn't use OpenSync anyway.

If you can find it, the "obexftp" package is supposed to do the Nokia/PC 
connection thing pretty much automatically.

I found a post on a forum telling a user to add these lines to usbd.conf 
  [under the "Handspring Visor" entry] and then restart usbd:

device "Nokia"
devname "ugen[0-9]*"
attach "chmod 0666 /dev/ugen*"

Didn't help me, but perhaps it'll help you. Another bit of advice was to 
recompile the kernel with "device ucom", but that might be a bit out of 
date since the GENERIC config contains pretty much everything now.

Adam J Richardson

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