Adaptec AAR-1220SA / AAR-1430SA

Derek Ragona derek at
Thu Jul 26 14:04:42 UTC 2007

At 05:01 AM 7/26/2007, Christopher Key wrote:
>I'm trying to establish whether I can expect the Adaptec AAR-1220SA or 
>AAR-1430SA SATA cards to work with 6.2.  They're not on the list of 
>supported hardware, which does include a lot of the other Adaptec 
>cards.  However, the Adaptec cards that are listed all seem to be hardware 
>RAID cards, whereas the 1220SA and 1430SA use something called 'HostRAID', 
>which I think just means software raid.  Does this just mean that I'll be 
>unable to use the RAID functionality on the cards, not really a concern, 
>or are they unlikely to work at all?
>Many thanks,
>Chris Key

I have tried the 1200 series and they simply don't work for RAID or 
non-RAID use.  They have Sil chips which cause intermittent 
problems.  These problems are also present in other adapters that use some 
of the Sil chips.  Unfortunately the Sil chips are "hit and miss" as they 
have different versions (masks) of the same chips and some will work while 
most do not.


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