Script Automated voice dialout to normal human voice phones?

Achilleas Mantzios achill at
Wed Jul 25 08:50:24 UTC 2007

Hi, i intend to implement a home security system based on zoneminder.
Upon certain conditions i'd like to trigger various alarms depending on the 
various criteria met/sensors values, etc... like trigger an external siren  
or call my mobile phone.

Now what i'd like to do is to write a script that is going to be called from 
inside zoneminder, that will call my mobile and will play a pre-recorded wav 
or mp3 message like:
"your house is being at risk, call the police now".

I searched a lot, and could not find anything close.
Results from google are saturated with "answering machine" and vgetty, which 
in my case i dont think they fit.

Anyone with experience with dialing out human phones?
Is that possible?

Pls, include my address to your replies, since i am not subscribed 
on -questions.

Thanx for any clues.
Achilleas Mantzios

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