no /boot/loader - after installation

Derek Ragona derek at
Mon Jul 23 21:06:51 UTC 2007

At 02:06 PM 7/23/2007, John Clement wrote:
>So I got a copy of boot-only 6.2 onto cd and went back into the bios and
>changed a few options:
>LBA mode: off
>Multi-sector transfers: auto
>Fast PIO: auto
>32 bit transfer mode: on
>Ultra DMA: auto
>then ran the 6.2 install using dangerously dedicated which went fine and
>then on reboot now it comes up with
>Not ufs
>no /boot/loader
>so a slightly different message now, but still no go....
>anyone? - jc

I've never used the boot-only version.  So let me ask if you saw any issues 
with sysinstall?  Did you partition the disk and did newfs run without error?

Before you exit sysinstall you can check and see what is on the disks from 
the emergency shell on vtty4.  You can do a mount command and see what and 
where things are mounted and do an ls on those filesystems.


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