Weird Issue with nv 2.1.2 Driver

Thomas Sparrevohn Thomas.Sparrevohn at
Sat Jul 21 11:07:56 UTC 2007


I am struggling with the nv driver - It does not allow me to use the 1280x1024 mode with my monitor even when I configure 
the VertHertz etc. manually - However the same configuration file works just fine when I am using the vesa driver instead?

Now the really weird thing is that if I generate a configuration file using X -configure it generates a configuration file where 
even the vesa mode - while entering the correct resolution gets the Wrong Vert and Hortz settings - So some module seems
to overwrite the manually entered values 

Does anybody have an Idea? I would love to be able to use the NV driver in a higher resolution than 1024x768?

PS. The Machine has two nVidia 8800 GTX SLI configured cards with one monitor connected 

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