Any luck with Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop USB mouse?

George Hartzell hartzell at
Fri Jul 20 03:45:17 UTC 2007


I'm trying to get a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop working on a
Mac Pro running today's -STABLE amd64.

The "Desktop" has a single wireless puck that supports a keyboard and
a mouse.  The puck has two connectors, a usb dongle and a
old-fashioned mouse connector (din-9?).

I've had the set working with -STABLE i386 on "normal" pc hardware but
only if I hooked up both the usb and the "mouse" connector.  The mac
pro only supports usb hardware.

The mouse shows up in dmesg as 

 ums0: Microsoft Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop\M-. 1.00, rev
 2.00/17.17, addr 3, iclass 3/1

and a moused gets started for it automagically (presumably by usbd).

Plugging in a wired usb mouse works fine.

I've enabled USB_DEBUG and tried fiddling various sysctl knobs
(hw.usb.ums.debug, hw.usb.ukbd.debug, hw.usb.debug) and I kind of
think that the mouse might not even be talking out of the puck's usb
connector but out of the standard mouse connector.

Both the mouse and the keyboard work fine on the Mac using stock OS X
and also after loading Microsoft's drivers.

Is it possible that the puck needs to somehow be told to route the
mouse out the usb connector?

Any other suggestions?



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