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> Hi 
> I am using windows 2003 server. I want to limiting ftp users to their respective home dir. i have seen your reply 
> "You can do this simply by creating a file /etc/ftpchroot and putting all the usernames in there. "
> Can you please tell more on this
> Regards
> Kishore
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Step 1.  Replace the operating system on the server (Windows Server 2003) with FreeBSD 6.2.
             During the installation, select the option to activate inetd and uncomment the ftp line
             in /etc/inetd.conf.

Step 2.  Login as root and create your users using the command 'adduser'.

Step 3.  Using a text editor, such as vi, create the file /etc/ftpchroot and add each user name on

            its own line.

Best of luck,

Andrew L. Gould

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