creating ftp users!

Olivier Nicole on at
Wed Jul 18 13:00:06 UTC 2007

> I am using windows 2003 server. I want to limiting ftp users to
> their respective home dir. i have seen your reply
> "You can do this simply by creating a file /etc/ftpchroot and
> putting all the usernames in there. "

Chroot is a Unix thing, no way you can apply to Windaube.

That said, chroot is a way to run an application, like ftp, so that it
changes the root of the disk hierarchyL once you have chroot'ed to
some point in the directory tree, you cannot see what is above this
point, there is no way to come back, no "cd ..", tit is like the new
directory tree starts at the chroot'ed point. So if you chroot at the
user home dir, the user can only see his one directory.


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