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Chad Perrin perrin at
Wed Jul 18 09:52:05 UTC 2007

On Wed, Jul 18, 2007 at 11:06:01AM +0200, simon butsana wrote:
> Hi Garett,
>   I apologize if you saw that as an offense. I never intended to hijack anyone's thread, and you will probably notice that I changed the subject (although I missed to remove the email body).

The key problem in this case seems to be that, rather than creating an
email from scratch with the freebsd-questions address as the recipient,
you hit "reply".  Emails actually kinda keep track of whether they're in
response to other emails, ane which emails those are.  Many of us use
mail clients that make use of that to enhance our ability to deal with
email efficiently, and when you hit "reply" when you're starting a whole
new discussion topic you end up with your email being slotted into a
"thread" dedicated to a different topic.  As such, you end up "hijacking
a thread".  Rule of thumb: Unless you're actually replying to something
someone else said, don't use the "reply" button in your email client.

As for your question: read up on "X forwarding" with the "ssh" tool.  If
you need further help beyond that, *please* start a new thread and ask
there.  I'll try to keep an eye out for such a thread so I can reply if I
have some help to offer.

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