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Wed Jul 18 09:06:03 UTC 2007

Hi Garett,
  I apologize if you saw that as an offense. I never intended to hijack anyone's thread, and you will probably notice that I changed the subject (although I missed to remove the email body).
  Kind regards,

Garrett Cooper <youshi10 at> a écrit :
  simon butsana wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know of a remote X client that can be used to establish a remote X session with a FreeBSD box. 
> As an example, I would greatly like to test a tool with features similar to Microsoft's "Remote Desktop".
> Thanks,
> Simon
> Roger Olofsson a écrit :
> Steve Franks skrev:
>> I just had this problem this week - drives are fine until you access
>> one and then disappears.
>> Checked my bios monitor page and 12V was only 11.8V. Changing from a
>> 300W to a 500W power supply magically fixed the problem...
>> I don't claim that this is necessarily your problem, but it caught me
>> off-guard and it's worth looking at.
>> Steve
>> On 7/16/07, Roger Olofsson wrote:
>>> Dear mailing list,
>>> I have 2 IBM HDs and one WD HD (ata) in an old pc and for some reason
>>> FBSD 6.2 can't find the IBMs on a warm-boot. Cold-boot is fine and, the
>>> WD is fine.
>>> The motherboard is an old Aopen AX34 and all settings are default except
>>> for ACPI that's off.
>>> The first thought that came to mind was that one of the IBMs are going
>>> bad, but, I find it very unlikely that both HDs are doing it. One is a
>>> 120 and one is an 80gigger but both 'vanish' on warm-boot.
>>> Some other setting in bios than ACPI?
>>> Grateful for any answer,
>>> /Roger

Don't hijack other's threads. It's not polite.

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