postfix + spamassassin via milter

Jeffrey Goldberg jeffrey at
Sun Jul 15 15:39:20 UTC 2007

I running postfix from ports.  I would like to block as much spam as  
possible during the SMTP session.  Currently I am make liberal use of  
RBLs (direct in postfix configuration) and also using SPF using the  
spfpolicy daemon.

I would like to add spam assassin to the list (and possibly clamav).

Most of what I see about integrating spam assassin with postfix  
requires that the mail be accepted for queueing before spam checks  
are run.  I would prefer to reject the mail after DATA during the  
SMTP dialogue.

I see that postfix now does sendmail style milters.  Is that the  
recommended way to go with this?  I see that there is a mail/spamass- 
milter port.  I anyone using that with postfix 2.4.3?



Jeffrey Goldberg              

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