Data corruption with Ide Raid Card

Ian Lord mailing-lists at
Sat Jul 14 15:47:35 UTC 2007



On our dev environnement, we have a clone server with a Promise FastTrak
Tx2000 Pata Raid Card


When we installed freebsd, it got detected and I didn't do anything special
during the installation.


Yesterday, a hard drive failed. Freebsd crashed with write errors on screen.
I rebooted and removed the hard drive marked as dead in the raid controller.


Freebsd booted up no problem, but I lost a couple of tables in some
databases in mysql.


Is there anything I forgot/did wrong to get into this problem ? or is it
just that these controllers are so crappy that explain the corruption ?


I more used to scsi hardware raid controllers in freebsd and never had a
data corruption problem before even when disk died or because we hot-removed


Any idea ?


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