Using FreeBSD iconv on Linux

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Sat Jul 14 14:41:00 UTC 2007

In the last episode (Jul 14), Manjunath Warad said:
> From: Dan Nelson [mailto:dnelson at] 
> >In the last episode (Jul 13), Manjunath Warad said:
> >> Can someone direct me as how to use FreeBSD iconv on linux? I know 
> >> there exists a GNU iconv on linux; however, I am interested in using 
> >> FreeBSD iconv.
> >> 
> >> I would be grateful if someone let me know how to get the complete
> >> package [source code and makefiles] on windows machine and if
> >> possible let me know what are the changes involved to port the
> >> source code and makefiles to build in Linux.
> >
> >The sources are at
> > , but
> >it really hasn't been updated since 2000.  All the FreeBSD ports
> >depend on GNU iconv.
> Thanks for your reply Dan, You mean, FreeBSD iconv is using GNU iconv
> library internally? I was interested in the iconv source code. Please
> let me know whether FreeBSD has its own source code for iconv.

There is no iconv at all in the base system.  Any port that requires
iconv sets the USE_ICONV Makefile variable, which will add the
converters/libiconv (GNU iconv) port as a dependency.

The link I gave above is for a BSD-licensed version of iconv, but it
never got into the base system, just the ports tree.

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at

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