Installation woes with 6.2 release

Kurt Buff kurt.buff at
Mon Jul 9 21:20:01 UTC 2007

On 7/9/07, Derek Ragona <derek at> wrote:
>  At 03:43 PM 7/9/2007, Kurt Buff wrote:
> I've got a machine with 2GB of RAM, onto which I can install Windows
>  XP with no issues.
>  However, FreeBSD 6.2 Release is giving me fits on this machine. If any
>  of you have insight, I'd surely appreciate you sharing
>  The motherboard is an Intel D645 GEBV2. I've tried a couple of
>  different disk arrangements, with no success.
>  I've installed an IDE WD 180GB drive, which the motherboard BIOS
>  detects just fine. When I boot from disk 1 for the FreeBSD install, it
>  detects no hard drive.
>  I've put in an Addonics ADSA2 PCI SATA card, which sports the SiL
>  1352A chipset, but the install blows up when installing to a 74GB
>  Seagate drive - the kernel panics and it reboots while copying files
>  to disk.
>  Has anyone run into these problems? Google hasn't been particularly my
>  friend on this one.
>  I've tried reading the install docs on the CD, with no particular
>  luck, but I could be missing something.
>  Clearly you have a disk controller compatibility problem.  I do know the
> Sil chips are terrible, and there is a long history of issues with these
> chips and FreeBSD!
>  Can you find a regular IDE drive to plug into that motherboard?
>          -Derek

Plugging an IDE drive into the motherboard is the first thing I did -
that's the case above where FreeBSD didn't see *any* HD. That's the
one that really fries my brain, because the motherboard BIOS detects
it correctly, and XP installs to it just fine.

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