reboot in single user

Jean-Paul Natola jnatola at
Mon Jul 9 16:50:32 UTC 2007

>I'm curious to know if there is a command to reboot into single user mode- *
>more importantly* if I do reboot in single user mode can I still SSH  in?

>My box is not physically near me and I'm upgrading 5.5 to 6.2 - so it this
>possible- or do I need to go get the box and attach a keyboard monitor and
>mouse to it?


>Shutdown now goes into single user mode, but it will close SSH
>Better is to manually shutdown al daemons through /usr/local/etc/rc.d and
>/etc/rc.d to only have sshd running.
>If you using natd do not stop it either, because it will disconnect you.>

>Then you can  finnish the make world cycles.
>That is the way I do it from a remote shell, it it only failed me once.

>Else try on a spare machine install 5.5 and update it to 6.2 through a ssh
>version, then you know what to expect.
>Also install the main ports you have running on your remote 5.5 box and try
>if they still work.

How long will this take- as stopping  the daemons (spamd/clamd etcc..) will
cause a halt in my incoming mail?

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