gimpshop howto start?

Philipp Ost pj at
Sat Jul 7 16:05:22 UTC 2007

David Southwell wrote:
> I posted this to the gimp mailing list but the list seems to have a v. low 
> activity and few postings. There is no reply so far. So hopefully there is 
> someone here who can point me in the right direction.

This type of question rather belongs to questions at . I've CC'd that list.

> 1. How do I get to start gimpshop? The docs seem to have detailed 
> documentation but although I have searched <much head scratching> -- I seem 
> unable to find anything that tells me how to get the gimpshop interface 
> running :-( 

You mean how to start up the program itself? Open an xterm (or aterm, 
eterm or...) and type 'gimpshop' at the prompt...

> 2. I found that gimp will itself will open *.jpg but does not open raw files - 
> In my case in need to be able to open canon raw files *.cr2 and would also 
> like to be able to open photoshop *.psd files. 

Gimp can open and save *.psd files. Gimp can open several types of raw 
files, but I don't know if *.cr2 is supported.

> # pkg_info |grep gimp
> gimpshop-2.2.11_5   GIMP fork resembling Adobe Photoshop
--> Gimpshop is an autonomous application (see above).


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