parental control with squid and dansguardian

Peter Boosten peter at
Fri Jul 6 11:44:06 UTC 2007

Zbigniew Szalbot wrote:
> hi,
> Thank you all for your comments re FreeBSD as a parental control and
> gateway server. I have both squid and dansguardian working and I am left
> with configuring them to optimize web browsing and the desired level of
> control.
> I do not yet have FreeBSD functioning as a real gateway as I will be able
> to do it at a later stage. However, there is one thing that leaves me
> wondering. In order to use the content filtering as provided by
> Dansguardian, I need to configure the browser to look for proxy on port
> 8080. Now, if someone just changes the port in their browser to 3128 (squid
> proxy port), then all content filtering will be bypassed. 
> What do I need to do in order to avoid someone escaping the control? 

ACL in squid.conf is your magic word...


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