fetch hangs during Make, portupgrade -a, or portmanager -u..

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.ilk.org
Thu Jul 5 12:57:57 UTC 2007

"Dinesh Pandian" <dineshpandian at gmail.com> writes:

> Please help me out with a really annoying little problem that bugs me
> everytime I try to install applications from ports.
> When I try to run portupgrade -a  or  portmanager -u,
> when Make fetches the files from the servers, fetch
> normally hangs randomly sometime through the downloading
> of the distfile. The only solution I've thought about is aborting
> the upgrade procedure and issuing the same command again,
> hoping that fetch resumes where it left off.
> In bigger files, > 5MB, I'd have to repeat this process several
> times to download a single distfile.
> I've tried setting the FTP_PASSIVE_MODE env ON and OFF
> to no avail.
> I can't seem to find a problem with the internet connection
> as httpd and ftpd works perfectly fine!

Is there a firewall in the way?  NAT?

Have you tried using fetch(1) from the command line, with increased
verbosity level?

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