The worst error message in history belongs to... BIND9!

RW fbsd06 at
Tue Jul 3 13:54:22 UTC 2007

On Tue, 03 Jul 2007 08:44:14 -0500
Martin McCormick <martin at> wrote:

> Paul Chvostek writes:
> > This is actually just the difference between sh and bash.  You'll
> > see the latter error if you type `a = 5` in bash in any OS.  It
> > just so happens that most Linux distributions don't have a real sh:
> 	I kind of thought that was the real issue. While
> something like this is maybe slightly annoying at times, the
> differences in, say, arithmetic handling and loops can sometimes
> mean rewriting parts of shell scripts depending on whether it is
> going to run in BSD or Linux.

That's why there is a POSIX standard, and why many people think it's
bad idea to get into the habit of using bash specific scripts.

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