ports mbone/udpcast (PR# 114061) outdated

Beech Rintoul beech at freebsd.org
Mon Jul 2 03:33:47 UTC 2007

On Sunday 01 July 2007, Tim Judd said:
> I noticed not too long ago that mbone/udpcast was outdated (as in
> more than 3 years old).  Not knowing what or how to proceed with
> such an outdated port, I decided to file a bug report.  It seemed
> the sensible thing to do.
> As you can see below, Edwin (edwin .at. FreeBSD.org) made the
> change to close the ticket without much details.
> > State-Changed-From-To: open->closed
> > State-Changed-By: edwin
> > State-Changed-When: Wed Jun 27 07:20:48 UTC 2007
> > State-Changed-Why:
> > Please submit patches
> Well, I know what patches are, but I don't think patches themselves
> are able to fix the outdated port..  so I'm lost.  What do I do?
> I thought since the port was extremely outdated, that someone with
> a commit bit would have to setup the updated port in the CVS tree,
> I can't commit them myself.  I don't even know exactly what patches
> are needed or where to submit them.
> So, how do I proceed?  I need some tips and a hand-in-hand tutorial
> on what to update and where to send the update.
> Thanks for the tips.  BTW: I'm subscribed to the questions list on
> a digest, I ask a CC please on all the replies.
> --Tim J.
The porters handbook is your friend :-)


You should also subscribe to freebsd-ports at FreeBSD.org. That would be 
the correct list for port questions.


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