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                                  WJ HENZE
             (federation of drums/zenit/mona/skip/h9/ GERMANY)

     Watch WJH's latest promo video/slideshow of some of his remarkable
                        gigs in the last 2 years...



   W. Jorg Henze is internationally recognized as a DJ, producer and
   record label founder. He founded the labels Federation of Drums, Danza
   Electronica, Dawn, Delirium Red, Mona, H9, Skip, to name a few.
   Frankfurt-born Henze is always at the leading edge, as demonstrated
   not only by his performances as a DJ, but also by his many successful
   productions for world-renowned artists. He can already look back on a
   string of releases, produced together with gleaming techno artists
   from the likes of Oliver Lieb, Toni Rios, Frank Lorber, John Selway,
   Pascal FEOS, Marco Zaffarano, Thomas Heckmann, and too many more to
   mention. He has also done remixes for LSG, Robert Armani, Josh Wink,
   Amphetamine and labels including Primevil, Terminal M, Black Nation,
   Traction, Invasion, Pocket, Highland Beats, Endangered Species,
   Frisbee, Bound, Kneedeep, Ascend, Corachi, P.V., Speaker Attack,
   Deafult, Danza and his own Federation Of Drums. Of Henze's nearly 15
   aliases, his most notable alias, Gecko, delivered an outstanding
   energetic masterpiece of progressive tunes. "Just Close Your Eyes" was
   a wildy successful track, attaining play from many of the top DJs, as
   well as being licensed for nearly a dozen compilation CD's. With the
   release of more than fifty hit records a year, Joerg Henze ranks with
   the most productive artists in the electronic music scene. "Raveline"
   magazine describes Henze's style as, "Music you listen to when you're
   on your way to the club." Henze left "Neuton" in 1997, and sold
   "Delerium" two years later. Since then he has devoted himself
   completely to music, as he says, "Because music is and always will be
   my life."


       WJ HENZE (DJ SET 11/2006) NEW! - minimaltech/techhouse/techno
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   "...If someone believes that electronic music, after its blast, is now
   passing thru a crisis, perhaps he doesn't know how to differentiate
   the chaff from the wheat or cant find the golden needle in the huge
   hayloft of outputs made in domestic studios..."

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