HP Embedded SATA RAID controller (FreeBSD 6.2)

George Vanev vanev at unisoft-ltd.com
Thu Jan 25 10:01:51 UTC 2007

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Subject: Re: HP Embedded SATA RAID controller (FreeBSD 6.2)

> Hi George!
> Common problem.  The issue isn't that the FreeBSD driver cannot talk
> to the SATA controller.  It can do that just fine.
> The problem is that HP is using a modified metadata format on the
> disk drives.
> What you need to do is go into the Proliant BIOS and DISABLE
> the SATA raid.  This of course means any raid arrays, mirrored or
> otherwise, that you have created, cannot be used from BIOS.  Just
> leave the BIOS settings so that the SATA controller is enabled, but
> the RAID on the SATA controller isn't.
> Then boot FreeBSD 6.2.  It will see 2 disk drives.  (or more or however
> many you got)
> Now, if you want a raid mirror here is what you do.  Load a scratch
> install of FreeBSD 6.2 on the first disk.  Run atacontrol to create a
> mirror on both disks.  This writes out a metadata format that FreeBSD's
> disk driver understands.  This will trash your freebsd install of course.
> No problem.  Reboot from the installation CD and now you will see
> the 2 disks, plus ar0 (the mirror)   Install to that and your all set.
> Basically the only difference between doing it HP's way by creating
> the RAID from HP BIOS and doing it the FreeBSD way is that
> the HP BIOS is unaware of the FreeBSD metadata format so you
> cannot see or rebuild an array from BIOS that was created in
> FreeBSD, and FreeBSD is unaware
> of HP's metadata format so you cannot see or rebuild an array
> from FreeBSD that was created in BIOS
> As far as how the actual raid mirror works, it's exactly the same.
> In fact, better, since you can rebuild a FreeBSD array from
> FreeBSD and it's about 10 times faster than rebuilding it from
> HP's BIOS.
> Ted
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> Subject: HP Embedded SATA RAID controller (FreeBSD 6.2)
>> I have HP ProLiantML 110 G3 server.
>> I am trying to install FreeBSD 6.2.
>> But it doesn't seem to recognise the RAID controller.
>> I don't know what exactly is the controller.
>> In the hp site I didn't find anything usefull,
>> except that this is "HP embedded SATA RAID controller"
>> Not much, uh?!
>> Any one could help?!
>> Regards
>> --
>> George Vanev
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Just great!!!
Thanks a lot!!!

But still it will use the hardware RAID controller, right?!
It is not a software RAID, I hope. 

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