ssh w/ rsa certs not working

Gabriel Rossetti rossettigab at
Wed Jan 24 21:56:33 UTC 2007


I tried to setup ssh on a FreeBSD 4.8 (OpenSSH_3.5p1) to use 
certificates to log in to a FreeBSD 6.1 (OpenSSH_4.2p1) machine, but it 
still asks for a password.
I did the same setup, same steps, to get the FreeBSD 6.1 machine to log 
into a Gentoo Linux (OpenSSH_4.5p1) machine without any problems.

Having done that, I can be fairly sure that my steps are correct, I 
followed this guide :

The user needing to log in is root (I know this is not good and turned 
off by default), so I re-enabled root login with ssh but like I said 
above, I get a password
prompt when I do : ssh -l root machine2 whoami

Does anyone have an idea as of why it is not working?

Thank you,

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