Hairy Cats and mice and FreeBSD

Frank Jahnke jahnke at
Mon Jan 22 16:12:17 UTC 2007

> Anyone with experience using their optical mouse under FreeBSD? All
> input will be very much appreciated.

Wireless mice on either PS/2 or USB ports work fine with
FreeBSD/X11/Window Managers.  I've used them for years, and would never
go back to a corded or balled mouse again.

I too live with cats, though not Maine Coons, and you really should
learn how to fix mice.  FWIW, my optical mouse (a Logitech MX700)
stopped working -- at least the scroll wheel stopped working.  So I took
it apart, and removed an unbelievable amount of hair from around the
scroll wheel.  It covered both portions of the optical train, and once
it was removed, it worked fine.  Very fine tweezers helped a lot.

Other than that, you have to clean the optical port on the bottom once
in a while, but that's it.  I use tweezers.

Rather than buy what's cheap, I'd suggest finding a quality one on a
deal or buying a used one.  I recently bought a Logitech Mediaplay (a
fine general-purpose mouse) for $15, and another lightly-used MX700 also
for $15.  Yes, I have that many computers...


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