Dummynet with vlans

Dan Mahoney, System Admin danm at prime.gushi.org
Tue Jan 16 20:52:20 UTC 2007

Hey all,

Note: I'm cc'ing Luigi Rizzo because, well, he's authoritative.   This is 
NOT the same issue I asked about a couple years ago (which related to 
vlans, and bridging -- there is no bridge in play here).


We have a machine playing vlan aggregator.  Gigabit nics (intels).

em0 is the uplink to the core router.  Straight gigabit link over copper 
to a 6500-series cisco switch (speaks OSPF using quagga). em1 is the 
downlink (over fiber) to the switch, and has no interface on it, but it IS 
a parent interface to 48 "vlan" entries, numbered vlan101 through vlan148 
(where each is relative to a switch port).  This setup works fine.

Each vlan entry has it's own /29 IP address.

That said, what is the "proper" syntax for adding dummynet rules to this? 
For example, to constrain one of those ports to (say) 50 megabits.

I'm using

pipe 440 config bw 50mbit/s
pipe 441 config bw 50mbit/s
add 44000 pipe 440 ip from any to any recv vlan144 in
add 44001 pipe 441 ip from any to any xmit vlan144 out

But this seems not to work.

Do I need to define queues as well?  The manpage cites examples similar to 
this, but I can't find any definitive reference.

Should I just not use the vlan interfaces, and instead go by IP on the 
"outside" interface?



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