is THIS why the 6.2 release seems stalled ?

Howard Jones howie at
Thu Jan 11 08:51:35 UTC 2007

Nikolas Britton wrote
> Well that's just it... No way we could afford full rates, If we could
> we would hire someone off the street to program x, y, and z to are
> liking. I was talking about supporting someone who is already working
> on x, y, and z because they have an itch to scratch... To help them
> scratch that itch faster... What kind of funding would this type of
> person need? §

But presumably the reason they aren't working fast enough for your 
liking is that they *are* doing it in their spare time. So anything 
beyond that is giving up the day job, which means paying as much as the 
day job did for that time... a man-hour is a man-hour, really. If you 
want to pay someone for *literally* what they are already doing, then 
I'm sure they would be happier, but it wouldn't make anything happen 
quicker, because it's still the same amount of time spent.

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